NUCH    My-Beauty Rocco (Moved to new owner)

   N UCH SE UCH  Latita's Little Amigo

   N UCH NV-14  Hundebuden's Bingo Bingo (Moves to new owner)

C.I.B. NORD-CH- NO SE DK-CH KBHV. 2016-2017 CRUFT-QUALIFIED. CLUB-CH  Tingate's Honey Dewdrop

C.I.B. . AMSV-13 NL UCH N UCH SE UCH CRUFT- QUALIFIED  Kellika's Evita Karina

NO UCH Purple Sensation Cleo


C.I.B. NORD-CH- KBHV-2017.NO SE UCH JR-CLUB CH Labellaci Unique Sensation

NO SE UCH.KBHJV-16. NORDJV-16 Cruft-Qualified-17.

Houm Tet A Tet Commander

KBHJV-16 Sky Butterfly Carolyn Show Dream

CH-Candidate Cruft-Qualified.  Purple Sensation George

CH-Candidate Purple Sensation Hermine